"With great accuracy and stealth we infiltrate and assassinate for glory and honor for the monarchy and our allies"
- Obcy Wad Infiltrator motto

Obcy Wad Infilrators also known as Obcy Wad Assassins are a deadly and unique type of stealth unit operating in groups of 8 and are lead by a Infilrator Officer. These groups are sent behind enemy lines to infiltrate and assassinate any high ranking enemy members and sabotage vital enemy equipment and cripple the enemies in general. to do this they utilise a more advanced and modified version of the standard combat armour with cloaking technology allowing them to turn invisible even thier weapons are clocked as well allowing them to assassinate unexpecting targets however they are visible with a thermal camera or a ultraviolet camera. Other Infiltration tactics used by infiltrator squads are sliping behind the front lines and attack the enemy from behind but this tactic isn't used often due to this being the primary job of the Stealth Obcy Wads which are a offshoot of the infiltrators.